Peace Country Fish & Game Association

.22 Silhouette

In addition to the larger caliber BPCRS silhouette program, the Peace Country Fish & Game Association is pleased to offer a small bore .22 silhouette program to its membership and to newcomers interested in the sport. Newcomers are invited to attend an introductory shoot, as an orientation to the program and as an opportunity to experience the sport in action.

Required equipment is a .22lr rifle, ammunition, and optionally a shooting mat and approved cross sticks. To become a regular participant in Club Matches, PCFGA Membership is required. Membership allows for insurance coverage, and use of the PCFGA sport shooting facility, among other benefits. Participation in the .22 silhouette Program requires members to follow PCFGA Range Rules and a modified version of the National Rifle Association’s NRA Silhouette Rules, to ensure a safe and fair shooting experience.

For non-members, a fee of $3 will be applied for insurance reasons for each evening.

Activities are scheduled regularly and details can be found on the Calendar of Events (Additional dates may be scheduled, depending on interest and time available), along with photos in the Photo Gallery. Please contact the PCFGA with any questions you might have about our .22 silhouette Program.

Chris Snow